Loyalty in life and love

I think to be loyal is an important trait to possess. To know that you can be relied upon in times of need; it’s an amazing feeling.

In my working life, I have been with my current employer for 11 years. That is the longest time I have been working in one place. Of course, like any job I have had my ups and downs. I like to believe that I have given a lot of my time to this company. I know that flexibility is an attractive trait when it comes to any employee, and I believe that I have been. I have always done what has been asked of me, within reason. This place has been very good to me, and I also believe that I have been very loyal, and will continue to be as long as I work with the company. I know that there is a big difference between being loyal and being a pushover. I like to think that I am more loyal, as I will not be pushed into anything that I am not comfortable with.

When it comes to loyalty in friendships, I believe it goes both ways. It is hard to find friends that have your back when you have theirs as well. I can count on one hand how many friends I have that fit this description. I didn’t meet them until I was about 17/18 so that now equates to half my lifetime ago. We have been through so many tough and testing times, but they have always been there to listen and give wise advice (even if I didn’t always heed the advice!). I am very grateful to have such wonderful and simply awesome people in my life. I don’t always communicate this to them as often as I should, but I love them all and my life would not be what is without them. Thank you for being there, and even if we don’t see each other as often we would like; we always seem to pick up where we left off. You know who you are. I will always be as loyal to you, as you are to me

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