so easy to lose track and lose focus to forget where you’re supposed to be doing and where you’re supposed to be going life happens and chaos ensues lack of regular access to technology (broken tablet and laptop), also makes things a little bit difficult. Late nights may become a regular thing, as I wait […]

They say that to truly live life, things have to be different and totally random. But is that really true? Can you live a true life, with having at least one constant presence in your life? that steadying force, that carries you through. Your support line? Of course, you can! There are plenty of constants in […]

There’s something that always irks me; when someone calls me a “good girl” Like I’m a little child doing as I’m told. I find it quite derogatory. It’s just as annoying when someone mentions it to me at my place of work; where the customer is supposedly always right. I don’t know if they know […]