How do you deal with feeling helpless? You want to say something to someone, but you don’t want to come across insensitive. This is someone that is very important to me, but we have only just recently come in contact. His mum is very sick and is not long for this world. So, suffice to […]

I have never been one of the popular people. Growing up, I always wanted to be part of the popular group, and be a part of something; feel included. It never happened, by the way, but I always had good friends. To me, that was the most important thing. Looking back, I don’t exactly understand why […]

Going around and around in circles. Not really getting anywhere.  Nothing is changing, just existing. Where is the fun in that? How can you enjoy life and make the most of it, if you’re just covering old ground? I understand that it just becomes a habit and not wanting to step out of your comfort […]

I have always wanted to know what it would be like to start my own business. I’ve always thought that an online, or even dropshipping, would be an easy feat. I am still yet to take that leap of faith. I know that with any business venture, a little investment in your future, is required. […]

Sometimes there’s a moment when I feel like a switch has been flicked. Where my mindset changes; my thought processes altered. Usually only takes one simple word or conversation, to totally flick from being quite content and confident, to questioning every little thing. It’s astonishing how quickly it can happen. Sometimes you don’t even realise […]

I thought this would be a good place to start, in regards to me being introspective. But i don’t really want to dictate to my future self about the if’s, when’s, how’s and why’s. Let’s keep the intrigue alive. Of course i like thinking about the what can be and what possibly will be. Thinking […]

I want to rekindle my love of writing. I would like this blog to be that stepping stone; to ignite the spark. So, that would rubbing two stones together, to spark. To light a fire. I want to light the fire within. Please join me on this journey of rediscovery; i look forward to sharing […]