do you ever feel tired, even after having a good sleep? so physically drained that even just getting up, feels like an effort? Thinking that things shouldn’t be this hard. You know that life isn’t meant to be easy, but surely this is pushing the boundaries of normal Maybe it’s time for a time out […]

There’s something that always irks me; when someone calls me a “good girl” Like I’m a little child doing as I’m told. I find it quite derogatory. It’s just as annoying when someone mentions it to me at my place of work; where the customer is supposedly always right. I don’t know if they know […]

Music is what I can relate to. It is my go to when things are tough, and I need a release. It is where I can just let go. Where the mind can just be free and wild. Where it feels like that the lyrics are written just for me. No judgement to seen or […]

Sometimes there’s a moment when I feel like a switch has been flicked. Where my mindset changes; my thought processes altered. Usually only takes one simple word or conversation, to totally flick from being quite content and confident, to questioning every little thing. It’s astonishing how quickly it can happen. Sometimes you don’t even realise […]