Today was a day a day that I thought would have no end Where I was pushed to my mental limits Where I felt like I was just hitting my head against a brick wall Met with challenge at every turn Losing my cool Feeling defeated

can’t believe its this time of the month again. why this keeps coming back to haunt me, month after month. no way to change how it works, why it does what it does and how it continues to cause so much pain every single time. love how this is so commonplace, but no one knows […]

I think I may think too much. A thought comes to my mind and then explodes. No such thing as a single thought. Can’t just think that something is going to happen and that’s it. There are a million probabilities and possibilities. What if this happens, or how is this going to work. Why am I doing […]

Have you ever got into a place, where you feel like you’re in a haze? Like you’re not sure what your meant to be doing and you don’t know how to find your way out? That is me right now. Just in one particular section of my life; eating right and being active. I have […]

Who doesn’t love the peace and quiet? The silence that comes with the sound of sleeping children. Alone with my thoughts and what is left of my sanity. Updating the blog, while rugby league is background sound. The game that is on is from the 2004 NRL finals series; these games are focusing on one […]

Identity. Is it a sense of purpose? Is it really a life lived, if we don’t know who we are? We find it so difficult to deal when people ask us; who are you? Where do you fit? What box can we fit you in to? Sometimes I struggle with my identity. Who am I? […]

How do you deal with feeling helpless? You want to say something to someone, but you don’t want to come across insensitive. This is someone that is very important to me, but we have only just recently come in contact. His mum is very sick and is not long for this world. So, suffice to […]