Who doesn’t love the peace and quiet? The silence that comes with the sound of sleeping children. Alone with my thoughts and what is left of my sanity. Updating the blog, while rugby league is background sound.

The game that is on is from the 2004 NRL finals series; these games are focusing on one of my favourite players of all time, Johnathan Thurston. This was when he was just starting out; now he’ll be coming into his last ever preseason, before retiring at the end of the 2018 season. Such an inspirational player, on and off the field. I haven’t had the pleasure of actually meeting him, but have watched one game live, and I will treasure that moment. I still remember when I went to a Cowboys game with my mum (can’t remember who they were playing). She went to get some drinks and brought them back and told me there was some guy called Johnathan Thurston getting some food. I was a starstruck fan! She didn’t who he was, so didn’t really click with her. She then said you should’ve got the drinks! That was a memorable moment in itself.

Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce about the positive times in your life. Still, brings you the same amount of joy and elation that the original moment brought. It can be all too easy to remember the negative times and events in your life, but I think it’s important to acknowledge the happy moments in your life. The ones where you look back and you can’t help but smile. I am proud to say that I have plenty of those to look back on.

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