Circle of Habit

Going around and around in circles. Not really getting anywhere.  Nothing is changing, just existing. Where is the fun in that? How can you enjoy life and make the most of it, if you’re just covering old ground? I understand that it just becomes a habit and not wanting to step out of your comfort zone. I guess kind of find myself in this circle of habit right now. So much I want to do,  but it’s the fear of failing that keeps me in. Need to step outside the circle and then take a giant leap of faith, to get where I want to go. How do you get further in life? How do you achieve anything, if you don’t step, or even leap, outside the circle? This blog is my tiny step outside the circle. In its early stages; a handful of people taking an interest in what I’m writing about. It’s a nice feeling, and it keeps me going to post as often as I can.

Turn this circle of habit into a spiral; learning something new, progressing towards something new all the time



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