Loyalty in life and love

I think to be loyal is an important trait to possess. To know that you can be relied upon in times of need; it’s an amazing feeling.

In my working life, I have been with my current employer for 11 years. That is the longest time I have been working in one place. Of course, like any job I have had my ups and downs. I like to believe that I have given a lot of my time to this company. I know that flexibility is an attractive trait when it comes to any employee, and I believe that I have been. I have always done what has been asked of me, within reason. This place has been very good to me, and I also believe that I have been very loyal, and will continue to be as long as I work with the company. I know that there is a big difference between being loyal and being a pushover. I like to think that I am more loyal, as I will not be pushed into anything that I am not comfortable with.

When it comes to loyalty in friendships, I believe it goes both ways. It is hard to find friends that have your back when you have theirs as well. I can count on one hand how many friends I have that fit this description. I didn’t meet them until I was about 17/18 so that now equates to half my lifetime ago. We have been through so many tough and testing times, but they have always been there to listen and give wise advice (even if I didn’t always heed the advice!). I am very grateful to have such wonderful and simply awesome people in my life. I don’t always communicate this to them as often as I should, but I love them all and my life would not be what is without them. Thank you for being there, and even if we don’t see each other as often we would like; we always seem to pick up where we left off. You know who you are. I will always be as loyal to you, as you are to me

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My Exceptional Mum

I would like to talk about the exceptional role models in my life. The people that I aspire to be like. The ones that fight against adversity, illness; whatever the case may be. There are a lot of people like that in my life, but there’s one person I would like to write about today.

My mum.

She has lived an extraordinary life. Has had to make some very difficult decisions,  but that’s the way life goes. My mum had me when she was 19 and my father was 30. I was what you’d call a surprise baby; not planned at all. Not usually a preferred situation, but it was what it was. I was also meant to be a boy (named picked out and all: Jermaine. Not a bad name at all 🙂 ). But she has always done what was best for me. Always worked so that we would have what we needed. Never asked for any handouts. She instilled in me how important it is to work for what you want. Don’t ever expect things to be handed to you. I have always appreciated that she always told me things as they were. No sugar coating. No hype required.

Life hasn’t always been easy for us; especially those wonderfully difficult teenage years. Those years that I put my mother through a lot of anguish and frustration. But we somehow made it through the wilderness. We haven’t always agreed on everything, but I have always known that she has my back. Always been my biggest support, and there have been some really difficult situations in my life. But I know that I can talk to her about anything. Sometimes we don’t even need to speak; she just knows.

If I become even half the woman that my mum is, then I have done well. I don’t know if she knows how I appreciate her for all that she has done for me since the day I was born. The decisions she has made, have lead us to this moment.

Mum, if you’re reading this; thank you for being an exceptional role model. For me, your grandchildren and everyone you meet. Thank you for making me the person I am today; I owe you so much. I love you




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Daily Prompt: Believe

This could mean almost anything. I believe in a lot of things. Things that are important to me and that I would think would make the world a more tolerable place to live.

I live in Australia, where there is a big debate and discussion about Same-Sex Marriage. The government have spent millions of dollars on a postal survey, which has only one question; Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry? It isn’t legally binding, per se, but it would give the government an idea of how the country on a whole, feels about this issue. I am going to give my personal opinion, and I don’t expect everyone to agree (that would be boring, now wouldn’t it?). I believe that if two people love one another enough to get married, then they should be allowed to it. If they happen to be of the same gender, so be it. Love doesn’t discriminate, so why should we? Why should the law discriminate? It’s not really any of our business how people choose to live their lives; if two people of the same gender want to get married, then let them. I still don’t understand why this is even an issue in this day in age. My country of birth (New Zealand) has already legalised same-sex marriage, so I don’t understand why it’s still an issue here in Australia. I believe that if it doesn’t affect me personally, then i don’t have a problem with it. I’m hoping that this postal survey leads to it being legalised, then it can just be part of everyday life, rather than something considered abnormal.


For whatever reason someone is different, it is never OK to make someone feel bad for being the way they are. Accept people’s differences; it is what makes the world and our lives, more interesting


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Daily Prompt: Fashionable

I have to say that I laughed to myself when I saw the word fashionable. It has never been my forte. I am never on trend and I don’t follow what’s popular. If anything, I am at least a few months behind when it comes to trends.

I still listen to 90’s music and find most of the music today, way too manufactured. Of course, there are certain artists that I will listen to, and resonate with, but the most part, I am totally old school. I have to admit, that I am a 90’s boy band tragic. I had the posters on the wall; I swooned and daydreamed about them. It was so sad, it was funny. Do I use it as an escape? Of course, I do! You could even say it’s a guilty pleasure And here is evidence of my LOVE of 90’s music.

Clothes. If it’s comfortable, I’ll wear it. If it co ordinates, it’s a bonus! Clean and comfortable is my motto. Never been one to follow what’s hot and what’s not. I am a busy mum of 2 and still wear maternity shirts from 4 years ago! So not up with trends, and i like it that way. I am me; somewhat boring and normal

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Not so Popular

I have never been one of the popular people. Growing up, I always wanted to be part of the popular group, and be a part of something; feel included. It never happened, by the way, but I always had good friends. To me, that was the most important thing. Looking back, I don’t exactly understand why I wanted to be popular. Why did I want to be just like everybody else? How boring!! I’ve always thought of myself as an outsider, a little different. It took me a long to for me to come to terms that being different, was alright. I didn’t have to be like everyone else.

Even as an adult, there were moments when I just wanted to fit in. They weren’t as frequent as they were when I was a teenager, but that niggling feeling was still there. I do have to remind myself that I have great friends, and i dont need to fit in with anyone. Need to stop being a square peg, trying to fit into a round hole.


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Circle of Habit

Going around and around in circles. Not really getting anywhere.  Nothing is changing, just existing. Where is the fun in that? How can you enjoy life and make the most of it, if you’re just covering old ground? I understand that it just becomes a habit and not wanting to step out of your comfort zone. I guess kind of find myself in this circle of habit right now. So much I want to do,  but it’s the fear of failing that keeps me in. Need to step outside the circle and then take a giant leap of faith, to get where I want to go. How do you get further in life? How do you achieve anything, if you don’t step, or even leap, outside the circle? This blog is my tiny step outside the circle. In its early stages; a handful of people taking an interest in what I’m writing about. It’s a nice feeling, and it keeps me going to post as often as I can.

Turn this circle of habit into a spiral; learning something new, progressing towards something new all the time



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