How do i: Launch

I have always wanted to know what it would be like to start my own business. I’ve always thought that an online, or even dropshipping, would be an easy feat. I am still yet to take that leap of faith. I know that with any business venture, a little investment in your future, is required. Fear is a major factor in why i haven’t gone any further. Scared if this doesn’t work out, then it’s just been a waste of time and money. I’m in a pretty average financial situation at the moment, so i don’t want to leave myself and my family, in the lurch.

Another factor is what do i specialise in? Where do i start? So many questions running through my head, but just not knowing where to go. I have so many topics that i’m interested in, that i don’t know how to narrow it down. I don’t want to be too general, nor do i want to be part of a niche that is so marginal, and so rare, that nothing will happen.

So that is why i started this blog; trying to rediscover my passion and see where this will take me. I am looking forward to where this journey will take me. You have no idea how excited i am about launching my new blog. Who knows where this may take me.

Launching myself into the unknown….



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