To those who have had ever had the tragedy of losing someone, I sympathize.

It’s so easy to say the word, but can be a lot more difficult to fully put the emotion behind it.

I always think to myself, how can I do more? It’s the same sentiment with most things.

I always want to do more, but I never really know what step to take.

You don’t want to appear to be overbearing, or the opposite extreme; inconsiderate.

It’s a hard sentiment to understand and truly follow through

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Today I found out something that I didn’t think I would.

Something that stopped me in my tracks.

A young girl lost her life, doing something she loved.

Usually when I read news stories like this, I don’t know anything about the people involved. I still feel sad, but no tangible connection.

Today was a little different. I was reading an article about a young girl that had been critically injured in her junior dragster vehicle. I saw a name that rang a bell in my head. A name that I recognized. The young girl was the niece of one of my friends.

Her family had lost a daughter, a cousin, a niece.

I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through.

Today is a Black Day for all who had the privilege of having her in their lives

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