I don’t know where I’m going, can you show me the way?

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

Have you ever felt lost?

Not too sure which way to go

What to do, or what to say?

How do you find your way? How do you figure it out?

Just lost some direction, and would love to know how you came out the other side

Where Do I Go?

Feeling a little lost. Like I’m losing direction.

It feels like I’m putting more emphasis on certain aspects of my life, and not focussing on others.

It’s like walking a tightrope, and one foul step and it’s all going to fall apart. I think some priortising is needed. Deciding what is important, and what becomes secondary. Definitely not less important or significant, but make life a little more manageable and feel like that my life; my families life, has a direction and a goal.

Even just writing this, I feel like I can go forward and just nail it 🙂

Knock it out of the ballpark, as they say