Westlife – I Will Reach You (excerpt)

If you’ve got a candle

you better light it now

If you’ve got a voice

you better shout out loud

Raise your hands

above this cloud



I will hear you

Do not be afraid to speak out.

Don’t be afraid to reach out when you need to.

If you need me, I am here

I will listen

with an open heart and mind

A Parenting Life is NOT easy….

Parenting is a tough gig

Anyone can put up a front, but most people hide behind that front.

Pretending that all is well and good, but in reality; it’s anything but

Children that refuse to listen; defiant to the max

You wonder how you’re going to get through the day

without losing your sanity

But other days

all the trouble and the stress

is very much worth it

when they say “I LOVE YOU”